What is Kume

Kumejima Island, commonly referred to as “Kume” is located 100 kilometers from the Okanawan capital of Naha. Known for it’s incredible landscapes, this volcanic island features white sand beaches, historic castles and many wildlife parks. At Kume Japanese Steakhouse, we strive to bring the beauty of Kumejima to you…. See Photos

Our Restaurants

Kume restaurant locations are a restaurant within a restaurant. Kume Japanese steahouses feature three unique concepts – an authentic Japanese Hibachi Grill, a Sushi Bar and an expansive contemporary main dining room with a full bar in the heart of the visual experience.  We offer our guest the chance to experience the finest in Japanese cuisine all under one roof… Read More

Community Night

Kume Japanese Steakhouse is looking to help out their community and will be host to Community Night every Tuesday! To sign up to be a part of Kume Steakhouse’s Community Night, speak to one of the managers to get the process in motion… Learn More